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We offer a great variety of face painting designs for all ages. We also offer UV/blacklight painting, maternity belly painting, balloon twisting, glitter and metallic tattoos and much more. We serve New Jersey and New York. 

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Paint Night @ Emma Restaurant

We started our night with some glasses of champagne as we greeted our new friends. This night was filled with amazing food, laughs, good times, paint and Sangria. 

Our paint nights are for everyone. Beginners, intermediate or advanced painters will enjoy a wonderful paint night of socializing, music, food and paint. We welcome everyone's creativity and unique style to be let loose. Art is about expressing one self and as an artist you have artistic license to make the art work YOURS!!!!

To this beautiful group of painty friends we loved having you and to our new friends we welcome you and hope to see you at our next PAINT NIGHT @ EMMA RESTAURANT on August 10th. Yeasssssss that's right it's on a Friday night and we are starting a little later 8pm. Get there 7:30 - 8pm. Will start painting around 8pm See you on the 10th. 

Thank you, 

Laura, Olga (#1 assistant and MOM) & Miguel (owner of Emma)

Margaritas & Paint @ El Mexicano May 23rd, 2018

Margaritas & Paint


Here are some photos from our passed event this Thursday. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. Paint nights are from everyone, if you are new to painting or a pro you are always guaranteed to have fun. We love to make everyone SMILE and help everyone have a good time. 

Hope to see you at our next ones, share photos and tag us we love to know where these beautiful paintings have taken a home. 

Paint... Paint... Paint..

Sangria and Paint May 10th, 2018

Sangria and Paint May 10th

Thursday night we had a FABULOUS  view in Patrona in Edgewater. I was beyond thrilled and excited to be part and be able to guide this wonderful group of people into a night of Sangria, great food and painting. While inspired with the beautiful view of the New York city skyline everyone's individual creativity and personality was able to shine through in everyone's final painting. 

I am beyond thankful for being able to share such a beautiful night with such an amazing group of people. All you are required to do in Paint Night is have fun and paint along. Thank you all for coming I hope you had as much fun as I did. See you at the next one!!!! : )


“A picture is a poem without words” - Horace

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on" - Albert Einstein


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