Paint 2 Smile

Face Painting and more

We offer a great variety of face painting designs for all ages. We also offer UV/blacklight painting, maternity belly painting, balloon twisting, glitter and metallic tattoos and much more. We serve New Jersey and New York. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paint do you use?

We use FDA approved theatrical makeup (face paints we have in our kits). These can be easily removed in just a matter of minutes from your face or your child's face. 

We use several different brands, Wolfe FX, TAG, Ruby Red (VEGAN), FAB, Global, Kryonal, Chameleon and Mehron. These are all high end theatrical make up brands that are used by professionals. 

How is face paint removed?

We use FDA approved theatrical makeup (face paints we have in our kits). These can be easily removed in just a matter of minutes from your face or your child's face. 

To remove: 

  • Before you try using any special removers or other products, wash your face with some gentle soap as you normally do.
  • You can also use cold cream, makeup remover wipes, baby wipes or some coconut or jojoba oil. Oil adheres to oil, so it's one of the easiest and most natural ways to take off face paint.

What do I need to set up?

We ask that you have a table a small table for us and two chairs. Some of our artist paint standing up and will bring their on high/director's chair. We will remind you of what we need when your event is booked. 

Is gratuity included?

Gratuity is not included in your fees. 10 - 20% is suggested and highly appreciated by our team of artists. 

How do you care and remove glitter tattoos?

Glitter tattoos can last 2 - 7 days depending on your skin type and the care you give to them. Cosmetic grade glitter  and body glue is used to create these sparkly designs. For a longer duration keep them away from alcohol, lotion, cream and oil. Do not scrub your tattoos when bathing, just wash around the area and pat dry. 

To remove them use rubbing alcohol or lotion (they will remove the body glue).

How many faces can you paint in one hour?

It all depends on the design and type of event.On average we can paint about 10-15 detailed faces designs per hour. 

Can I request a custom design?

We will be happy to accommodate any design, theme, logo or ideas you may have for your event. We ask that you inform us in advance so we can send you different design options for your event. 

Stencils can also be used for a specific logo and they can be ordered a few weeks in advance to ensure delivery. 

Glitter tattoos special designs can also be ordered in advance.

Cost for stencils and special glitter tattoo designs will be added to your total fee. 

How do you keep your paint and brushes sanitized?

Face paint is designed to be used by multiple individuals, therefore it has just enough antibacterial ingredients to make it safe to be used on many clients. Our paints, brushes and sponges are also sanitized after every event.

After every event we wipe down our paints. Sponges are cleaned with the hottest water and soap to remove all paint residue and keep away germs. During an event brushes are rinsed in between clients, hand sanitizer is used frequently to avoid all possible cross contamination. 

Cotton swabs are used to apply paint on the lips and then disposed. Only one swab per customer.

Are you insured?

All of our artists have a commercial liability insurance. (Proof of insurance is available upon request.) 

Contact:            Paints 2 Smile:             551 - 225 - 0965