Paint 2 Smile recent article on Belly Painting

Article by the Bergen County Daily Voice 

Artist Laura M Hoyos painting a beautiful baby bump 

Artist Laura M Hoyos painting a beautiful baby bump 

I have the blessing to work with many moms to be. As an artist, painter and more importantly a woman, maternity to me is a blessing in any woman's life that is worthy of a special celebration. What better way than to celebrate, capture, embrace and applaud this glorified moment that with some  art.

In my experience with belly painting I have encountered many women that don't feel beautiful or are just so overwhelmed with everything their bodies are going through that belly painting for them and more so exposing their belly is not an option. I have had numerous women thank me after their session because they feel BEAUTIFUL and to me is the biggest THANK YOU of all after a session. 

Motherhood is such a magical and precious moment and for that moms are my biggest heroes. I am blessed and grateful that as an artist I can take part of this moment in so many women's life. Thank you ladies for letting me paint you and for capturing such memorable moments for us both. 

Here is the link to the latest article the Bergen County voice did on me and my experience with belly painting.. (Read Article)